Nicholas Storr

Media Services Coordinator


Thank you for considering my application for the position of Media Services Coordinator within Digital Futures. Below you can find a small selection of prior work, along with short explanations outlining my involvement.

You can see more of my work by visiting the Very Serious Media website.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries, or to request additional samples.      0466667890

Advocacy Tasmania – self-advocacy eLearning

Advocacy Tasmania asked me to coordinate the production of this 7-part series on self-advocacy.

I discussed and workshopped content with subject matter experts, coordinated with Advocacy Tasmania on the scripts, and then assembled and managed a small crew to execute the video shoots and post-production. Care was taken throughout to ensure the project’s tone, language and visual style were all in alignment with the client’s style guide.

Dumbotz – kids animated TV series

I was tasked with delivering the sound effects design, music composition and audio post production mix for this 52-episode kids TV series. To assist with the large scope of work, I assembled a team of contract sound designers and assigned each of them a number of episodes to work on. 

To ensure effective collaboration and creative consistency, I initiated the development of a shared workflow and created software templates tailored to the production’s needs. By fostering open communication and being receptive to the unique contributions of each team member throughout this process, I was able to arrive at a methodology which was efficient and creatively productive, and that all participants were pleased to be operating within. 


Very Serious Media – Introduction Video

I created this short video to rapidly introduce website and social media visitors to my own multimedia production business Very Serious Media. The audiovisual equivalent to a website “about” page, the intent was to provide a brief summary of the business’ history and services, as well as to connote the approachable and informal attitude of the business through the stylistic presentation of the video.

Services provided:
concept development, copywriting, voiceover, video camerawork, motion graphics, sound design, sound mix

Tasmanian Fire Service – Leadership Video

Services provided:
co-produced, directed, video camerawork, motion graphics, video editing, sound mix

Caterpillar – Corporate Video (excerpt)

Services provided:
co-produced, directed, video camerawork, video editing, motion graphics animation, sound mix

Camera Reel


A compilation of camerawork that I’ve provided for various projects over the last several years.

Motion Graphics Reel

A compilation of motion graphics that I’ve provided for various projects over the last several years.

Music & Sound Design Reel

A compilation of sound design and music production work that I’ve provided for various projects over the last several years.



Selected Photography