NickMono Nick is a musician, composer, sound designer, writer & general doer of digital media stuff. He has done sound design & music composition work for several TV episodes, shorts & documentaries, as well as two albums with his band The Third Ending. He lives in the beautiful south of Tasmania with his wife Clare, one full-size horse, two miniature horses, two cavoodles, a  lop rabbit, a guinea pig, two chooks, one goldfish, two satellite dishes, and a constantly fluctuating lineup of marsupials.

Selected Credits

2016 – Fanshaw & Crudnut (Animated TV Series and Telemovie) – Audio Engineer, Composer
2016 – Sixteen Legs (documentary feature) – Dialogue edit and sound effects tracklay
2016 – A Girl Needs a Bike (animated short) – Composer
2015 – Love Train (short film) – Sound Designer, Composer
2015 – The Festival (short film) – Sound Designer, Composer
2015 – Redesign My Brain (documentary series) – Sound Designer
2015 – The Destruction of Memory (documentary feature) – Sound Designer
2015 – A Credit to us All (short film) – Sound Designer, Composer
2014 – Blown Away (documentary feature) – Sound Designer
2014 – Slick Timing (short film) – Sound Designer
2014 – Buzz Bumble (Animated TV Series) – Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Composer
2010 – Dibs (short film) – Original Music
2009 – Mega Bites (short animated TV series) – Audio Engineer, Sound Designer
2008 – Pixel Pinkie (Animated TV Series) Seasons 1 & 2 – Audio Engineer, Sound Designer