Unreleased interview with Jem Godfrey

Hi folks, I was going to start a podcast about a year go, wherein I would regularly chat to self-employed creative types about the pitfalls & peaks of that lifestyle. Jem Godfrey (Frost*, various pop stuff, lots of BBC station idents and whatnot) was kind enough... read more

Evolution of a cartoon theme song

Aussie comedian Justin Hamilton has been doing a cool behind-the-scenes thing in his podcast. He’s posted a series of recordings of his one man show at various stages in its gestation – from tryout shows, through to a “finished” version from... read more

Saving ‘Dirty Dancing’

Dirty Dancing is a great little film, but it has one massive huge annoying flaw that bothered me a great deal until I was able to put it behind me. But I’m getting ahead of myself… I was listening to episode #98 of TOFOP the other day. For the uninitiated,... read more

Eggs, Lemons & Linings

I had a bit of a weird week. I shouldn’t go into too much detail as it involves contracts and negotiations that are not really mine to share. To cut a long story short I almost lost out on a really fun & lucrative gig for reasons that had nothing to do with... read more

Fake it ’til you f%*k it up

I just had the somewhat unpleasant experience of abandoning a quote for a job. It was a confidential quote, so I’m going to have to be very vague on the details, but I will say that it was only tangentially related to my current professional work, and on a much... read more

Master of None?

I once met with an industry veteran who advised me that I should pick a specialty and promote myself exclusively as that. People want to hire the VERY best person for the task, not somebody who has a foot in two – or even more – camps. I was a bit... read more